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Our Company provides following services:

Hydraulic engineering


  • Dredging operations, that related of hydraulic construction works at the quays, piers, jetties, etc.;
  • Dredging for laying of pipelines and cables;
  • Dredging of rivers, construction of protective walls against floods;
  • Diving operations;
  • Bank protection and construction of seacoast walls;
  • Piling;
  • Clearing the waters;
  • Mounting and dismantling;
  • Laying of pipelines and cables;
  • Construction and repair of port facilities;
  • Construction and repair of levees, dams and canals;
  • Irrigation and drainage works.

Engineering-geological surveys for


  • Pipelines construction
  • Communication lines construction
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Researching of the sites for drilling platforms construction

Sea geological surveys


  • Sands and gravel deposits exploration