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Probing system GEOTECH CPT NOVA

1 - CPT зонд с акустическим передатчиком, 2 - микрофон, 3 - кодировщик глубины, 4 - блок интерфейса, 5 - компьютер, 6 - принтер, 7 - распечатанная диаграмма замеров

1 - CPT prob with acoustic transmiter, 2 - microphon, 3 - depth encoder, 4 - interface box, 5 - computer, 6 - printer, 7 - printed diagram

The probing system GEOTECH SPT NOVA performs geotechnical investigations soil by penetrating a probe with conical tip. Data transfer carry out simultaneously on multiple channels: point resistance, local friction, pore pressure, tilt. The data transfer carry out both on cable and the rod by the acoustic signal to the microphone.  The data is then transmitted though the interface unit to computer, where is their final processing. The result is given in real time as diagram on the screen. (Fig.1)


Probing system Goetech CPT NOVA mounted on the penetrometer  GEOTECH 605