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Quality Policy

LLC "Arcticmorgeo"proclaims its main objective of providing quality services in the engineering survey for construction of buildings and structures and control hydraulic works that meet customers needs, meet building codes and provide stable profit of company and states the following principles of its activities in the field of quality:


  1. Constant study and the maximum satisfaction of requirements customers and consumers.
  2. Performing engineering surveys and hydraulic works in accordance with project documentation, building codes, regulations and standards.
  3. Manufacturing quality inspection of engineering survey and hydraulic works, its analysis at all stages and to develop effective interventions to prevent and eliminate inconsistencies. 
  4. Effective interaction with suppliers and subcontractors to do good works.
  5. Defining participation of a management of the organization in working out and realization of a policy in the field of quality.
  6. The involvement of all employees in the organization's quality management system.
  7. Responsibility of each employee for the quality of their work, and for improving his working methods.
  8. Continuous improvement of the quality management system that acts in the organization.
  9. Organization of relationships between the company units providing services to each other on the principles of "provider - consumer".
  10. Continuous improvement of knowledge and vocational skills of the employees.Application of new technologies and materials.
  11. Environmental Responsibility for the work.
  12. Guide in work by rules of program that developed by LLC "Acrticmorgeo" for protection Health, Safety and Environment. 
  13. The introduction and use of modern hardware and software and information technology.


Comprehension by all employees of the organization the importance of providing quality service and their identification with the policies and objectives in the field quality is a key factor to meet customer requirements, and thus for long term success of LLC "Arcticmorgeo" on market of geological engineering survey and management of hydraulic works.