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Arcticmorgeo Company provides with all spectrum of engineering, geological, and geophysical works to meet any challenges on sea shelf and ocean shelf, in the transition zone and at the main seas, on the rivers and inland waters.


Main areas of activity



Our equipment

Uniqueness and complexity of services provided by Arcticmorgeo Company, together with environmental conditions of the regions where works are performed stipulate specific requirements to quality, reliability, safety and accuracy of the equipment used. Applied technical resources are developed by leading world specialists and meet the requirements of highest industry standards.

Our guarantees

Arcticmorgeo Company have all licenses and approvals necessary for successfully providing you with all offered services, as well as powerful infrastructure and lot of unique scientific and methodological solutions, and qualified personnel.

Our capabilities

Arcticmorgeo Company is ready to implement a project of any complexity around the world. Scientific potential and close relations with the manufacturers of special equipment allow promptly and effectively resolving of geophysical and engineering problems.



The launching platform SMP-03